Friday, September 14, 2012

Six Years

Today I woke up with that familiar feeling I have grown to learn to live with.  The what ifs and what could have beens are overwhelming as I reflect on the charisma, wisdom and beauty that Timmy posessed.  He should be here.  We learn to remember and honor him in healthy ways that allow his life to be remembered and cherished.  His absence will never be easy but the golden thread that Timmy wove through our lives created a beautiful tie that will connect us to him always.

My beautiful little boy offered a pure joy that I will hold close for the rest of my life.  I will remember how it felt to push him in his stroller as we returned from taking Boo, Tyler and Talia to the bus stop.  The sun was cast on his face and his soft feather like hair was too irresistable to not touch.  He chattered about a kitty and I asked him, "Who loves Tim Tim?"  He answered, "Mama."

Mama loves you Tim Tim.  Yesterday, today and tomorrow.  We all do.

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