Monday, April 18, 2011

A Brother's Birthday Wish

This is Boo, I just wanted to say a couple things! Personally I loved and love Timmy with all my heart I would look forward coming home and seeing his gigantic smile, he was an amazing brother. He was the best birthday present i have ever got and will ever get. At my old house I would have an album in my room of pictures just of him and I, Practically every night I would lay in my bed and just stare at him and start crying. One thing that he loved was bounce balls he had an obsession over them almost a bigger obsession than me with pokemon a while ago. Mostly all i'm trying to say is Happy birthday Timmy I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nicholas Karimzadeh said...

Boo bear, you are so strong buddy. I would not be able to hold myself together as well as you do. I love you and the entire Quatraro family. Happy Birthday Timmy. Love you.

Love Nikoo